About Me

I work professionally as a software developer, creating and maintaining web applications and server-side frameworks and services for public and internal use.

In my spare time, I try to work on things that interest me, such as utilities and extensions to ease mine and other people’s workflows, or game engine architecture. My main interests, however, are in arcade machines, vintage computing, and embedding systems. I own several pinball machines and arcade video games, and love working on them to restore or enhance them. I enjoy considering ways in which I can supplement these aging systems with modern technologies, such as embedded micro-controllers and 3D printing.

I also enjoy playing guitar/bass and singing. Generally metal, but I can get into a lot of different genres. It is my hope to post some music on here in the near future, as time allows.

When I’m not doing either of those, you can find me flying around (or sitting in the office, probably) as a reservist USAF loadmaster.