I have full-stack experience working on web and desktop applications written in C++ and .Net (C# and You can check out my GitHub┬áprofile for current projects I am working on. Dual jobs are keeping me busy, but I’m hoping as my time frees up, I can continue working on more projects outside of work.

Here are some things I’ve worked on:




An extension for Visual Studio Code that will visibly render whitespace characters and other custom defined (via configuration file) patterns.





A small game engine written in C++ and SDL. I will stress that this is me trying to teach myself coding, and not necessarily representative of my current skillset.. it’s due for a rewrite!

Supports basic entity management, resource management, collision, level and config save/loading, etc.

I am working on a simple RPG-like to further its development.

It compiles and runs on Linux, OSX, and Windows.

I’ve also worked on some games in the past with a partner utilizing Game Maker (pre-studio):
End Of The World 2 (Tech Demo)

End Of The World 2 (Tech Demo)



The culmination of my personal attempt to produce End Of The World 2.

Unfinished, but supports several features: AI, day/night cycles, advanced debugging.

Has a couple of test levels included.

End Of The World

End Of The World



Second game made through collaboration.

Fully featured horror themed platformer that has a lengthy campaign.

As before, I was responsible for most of the engine features.

The lighting engine was a significant improvement over Planet 1025.

Planet 1025

Planet 1025



First game made through collaboration with a friend.

A full featured sci-fi themed platformer that takes place through a variety of levels.

I was responsible for most of the backend, i.e., the console, GUI, visual effects, etc.