While I have had this site for a few years now, I specifically disabled the blog portion of it. I didn’t particularly have anything to write about, and had a certain disdain for the thought of another pointless blog on the internet.

With the advent of more serious side-projects and work, I’ve run into a number of things that piqued my curiosity in writing about, in the interest of documentation and my own gathering of thoughts. Also, with positions and assignments at work and my recent engagement to my lovely fiancé, I’ve been looking at expressing myself a little more out of my norm, if not for the sake of others, then for the sake of getting me out of my shell a little more!

I work as a software developer, and try to do programming on my own time as well. I enjoy vintage electronics, in particular arcade video games and pinball machines, and have worked on several to restore them to working order. I would love to work on this in a more full-time basis, but for the meantime, I continue coding business server-side and front-end logic. While I do occasionally play modern video games, I love playing older games on both PC and console, and the myriad of things associated with them (how they were designed and developed, source ports, etc).

If you’re reading this, then I hope I can put up something, text or media, that you enjoy! Thanks!

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